A sweet deal…

A sweet deal…

Although I’ve been harping on about how I’ve not had time for affiliate marketing over the last few months, due to university commitments, I simply couldn’t help myself with this one.

Recently, I found myself (as I quite often do) having an afternoon chat with experienced affiliate, Frank Paul, about our sites and what we’ve got going on at the moment. Next thing I know I’m striking a deal to buy a Lay Betting website. However, I wasn’t offering cash. Those of you who know Frank, know he doesn’t need the money, so a monetary offer was off the table. However, Frank does have a strange facination with Coca Cola. So we sealed the deal. 240 cans of Cola for the domain name LayBetting.org.uk and the site which was on it at the time. The site was receiving a nice amount of traffic from people looking for lay betting strategies and tips, so it was a no brainer for me. The Cola cost me around £55 from Tescos, including delivery direct to Frank’s door. I would need just 2 or 3 signups to the likes of Betfair or BetDaq in order to make my money back. Unfortunately for Frank (but fortunately for his kids, as he only allows them to drink Diet Coke), Tescos thought it would be ok to delivery 9 creates instead of 10, and only 4 crates of full fat coke, rather than 10!


Anyway, since taking control of the site, I’ve added a new wordpress theme, but as you can see I’m yet to add the content. Once the site has content, and a little bit of TLC I am confident I can make the site earn mid to high £xxx per month. However, as is the site’s made a whopping £20 commission, with one sign up to Betdaq, which I’m actually quite happy with considering the lack of content. I won’t retire just yet though!


A strange and interesting way to pay for a domain.
I’d sell some for chocolate I think… :)

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