Affiliate Marketing – Best Job Ever?

Affiliate Marketing – Best Job Ever?

N.B. That’s not me in the photo!

I am a full time student who pays my way through University by succeeding in Affiliate Marketing. I first started Affiliate Marketing in 2005 when I started a no risk betting site (which look liked this). The site started to do well, so I reinvested some of the profits in some other ideas. Today, I now have a lot (i just did a count, I own exactly 100 domains) of websites, therefore lots of revenue streams. Its very safe to say that I LOVE doing what I do and I’d recommend it to anyone, but is it the best job ever?

I think to measure how good a job is, you need to look at the following areas:



Money doesn’t bring happiness, but it does bring a hell of a lot of freedom. When I was in first year at University I would make around £60-£70 a week from a part time job, this would pay for a few nights out a week (oh the student life!) and not much else. I managed to get by, but I never had any financial security and I couldn’t buy the nice things I wanted. Then Affiliate Marketing popped its head up and ever since I’ve been financially secure and I can (and do) buy pretty much anything I want. Without trying to sound like I’m boasting, one of my best months in Affiliate Marketing I made more than double the minimum wage for every hour of the whole month. If you work hard at AM (Affiliate Marketing will now be referred to as AM from now on) you will reap the rewards. At the moment I probably only dedicate about 10 hours a week to AM and I make a good full time wage.

Wages – 5/5


AM can be done from any computer with an internet connection. I am going to Thailand for 4 weeks this summer. If I was in any other profession I would either have to take holidays or not get paid for those four weeks. In AM, you are most likely going to still be getting paid for the work you have done before you set off, and all you have to do is head to an internet cafe to do a little more work.

One thing that I think will influence a lot of people’s happiness in their job is their hours of work. In AM, you are your own boss, you work when you want to work. I tend to plan a schedule for my week, so I know when I will be working on AM stuff, but if for some reason at the last minute I need to be somewhere else, its not a problem, I can be flexible with my time and do the AM stuff another day. Being a one man band means I can work at any hour of any day. I can’t think of any other job that is as flexible.

Flexibility – 5/5

In AM, you don’t have to request holidays from your line manager. You are your line manager, so you can take as much or as little time off whenever you feel like it! I currently work full time, as my third year placement for University and although I have managed to get away quite a fair bit (Madrid, New York, London etc) I have wanted to get away a lot more! I have not been able to get time off to goto all the AM events I have wanted to attend. Therefore it becomes even more apparent to me how much freedom I will have when I do AM full time. AM events, here I come!

Holidays 5/5

You can get paid all the money in the world, get as many holidays as you want and have as much flexibility as you like and still hate your job! The thing that I love about AM is that I am always learning something new and I am always finding new opportunities. I thoroughly enjoy spending time on my current websites and also researching various markets to discover new niches. Due to me having websites on so many different subjects, I never find creating content boring. I simply dot from site to site, therefore I’m now constantly writing content about just one area.

One thing that I think every Affiliate Marketer will agree with me, is the buzz of getting commission (even 4 years after my first commission payment) never fails to excite me. I find myself checking my stats on a VERY regular basis. Every penny that I make in AM lets me know that what I’m doing is working. If you work in a standard job, you know how much you are going to get paid each payday. In AM, you get very nice suprises now and again that are enough to lift your spirits and encourage you to work harder. I am very happy in my line of work and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Satisfaction 5/5

In any job, it is good to feel supported. Affiliate Marketing could appear to an outsider like quite a lonely profession. However, I feel that there is a real community spirit among fellow Affiliate Marketers. I have a big bunch of Affiliate Marketers on my MSN list (and I’m always interested in chatting to a few more, so if you wanna chat, add mail{at} If I have a question I need answered I simply ask someone who is more experience than I at AM or I head over to Affiliates4U and ask on the forum. There are always many helpful people about who are willing to help you. I have found myself helping many people who are less experienced that me, I guess you could say its just paying it forward (what a film!).

Support 5/5

Career Development
When I finish University I think I will have so much experience in online marketing I could persuade a large percentage of organisations to hire me, even if its just to improve their search engine rankings! I am constantly learning from other Affiliates. A few blogs that I keep a close eye on are Kirsty’s, Kieron‘s, Fraser‘s and Lee‘s (Willy Wonka himself!). I have learnt a great deal from reading such blogs and I will continue to read as many AM blogs as I can to pick up new tips and tricks.

I read articles on SEO, PPC and Link Building on a daily basis. Therefore I feel I am constantly enhancing my CV. I recently emailed around 10 online marketing agencies to request a placement this Summer. Within 24 hours of the email being sent I secured a week’s placement with BrightFire through in Glasgow for just before I head off to Thailand. I am really interested to see how such an agency works as one of my objectives (for when I finish University) is to start up such a business. If I had not worked so hard to teach myself all aspects of AM, I would not have had such a convincing email to send.

Career Development 5/5

Everyone loves a good incentive. In AM they are all over the place. Recently Sunshine ran their annual competition for Affiliate Marketers to win a place on a trip to barbados. I happen to speak to a few of the people that won a place, so I can see how achievable it is to win such a prize. I have now got the incentive to start a travel site promoting holidays from Sunshine (I’ve bought the domain name and will get to work on that soon!). Monetary Incentives are very common throughout AM. For example, if you reach a certain amount of sales, you commission rate will increase.

These incentives help keep me focused and encourage me to work harder.

Incentives 5/5

In conclusion, I think its safe to say Affiliate Marketing is the best job you could ever have. Im sure there are many many more reasons why it’s the best job, but feel free to add your thoughts in the form of comments.

In the current economic climate, shoppers are getting more thrifty and therefore looking online for bargains. This is excellent for all Affiliate Marketers. While a lot of industries are suffering, Affiliate Marketing is thriving. Its an exciting time to be involved in online marketing.

To summarise… I love Affiliate Marketing!


Spot on mate, my sentiments exactly. Whilst I can’t say I’m in the same position as you (from affy marketing alone, anyway) I’ve certainly had nice commission, great incentives and wouldn’t have got here without the fantastic support. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic job.


Yep I agree on a lot of points, I can’t argue that the flexibility in particular is fantastic. It’s great being your own boss and in control of your own destiny, but there are downsides too… Maybe it’s just a Monday morning blues feeling talking here, but downsides include:

1. Lack of security – that a steady 9-5 brings.
2. Isolation – Typically you’ll be working on your own and it can get lonely.
3. Disappointments – It’s very exciting when a sites doing well, one of the best feelings I know, but when a site bombs out of Google, or you get a PPC campaign that was bringing in 20k / month stopped, then it really hurts! It’s also very upsetting when a site you’ve been working feverishly on for months, just doesn’t get picked up in the way you hoped. It can get very demoralising at times.

So in summary, yes it’s awesome, but there’s also a flip side of the coin, hopefully by lunchtime I’ll have forgotten all about that again and be all positive about my job. :)

I couldn’t agree more, i also find myself check stats every few hours, and its like watching the money pot for that dream house or vacation mount up. especailly in a world where there’s s much uncertaintly I find that in AM, i get a lot more than what i put in, which is great, as you actually see how much you are worth.

Mark I love the creativity of the photos you have used in this post.

@ Tom – Sounds like you are having a bad day? I think with any job there are some bad days, but with affiliate marketing the good stuff outweighs the bad! I’ve had days where £1200 commission has been reversed, or I’ve worked on a site for a good while then realised it just isnt going to work. Just gotta get on with the next project :)

@ Ken – Totally agree :)

@ Murray – Glad you like them!

Inspiring perspective and comments on Affiliate Marketing, Mark. I’ve been doing some affiliate work for the past 6 months or so. I’ve focused in Retail and over that time found Christmas was excellent and now things aren’t so good – meaning over that time I’ve only broken even.

I want to more so will work hard on starting new sites.

Your sites may only do well around the xmas period. Id suggest branching out and trying a few new niches and see how they go. Good Luck!

Spot on mate, my sentiments exactly. Whilst I can’t say I’m in the same position as you (from affy marketing alone, anyway) I’ve certainly had nice commission, great incentives and wouldn’t have got here without the fantastic support. Affiliate marketing is a fantastic job.

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