Affiliate Quick Tip : Allintitle

Affiliate Quick Tip : Allintitle

It’s been over two months since my last post, ridiculous huh? Well, I’ve been super busy since the end of September when I started my fourth year of my Management with Marketing course at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. I’ve had a 2500 word coursework due in pretty much everyweek. Add that to the affiliate stuff I’ve got going on and the seo consultancy work I’m doing and it doesnt leave much time for blog posts. Fortunately I’ve got my last coursework to be in next week, then I’m free for a few weeks breather of christmas, woohoo! I’ve decided one way to keep my blog up to date that I can implement while I’m dang busy is…. (Drum Roll Please!)…. Affiliate Quick Tipsâ„¢! Basically quick tips that are hopefully useful for newbies to help them progress in affiliate marketing. I’ve noticed a lot of newbies popping up on the forums, which is great for the industry. I wouldnt have got to where I am today if I hadnt received help from experienced affiliates, so hopefully the quicktips can help out the newbies of 2009/2010!

OK, first of the Affiliate Quick Tipsâ„¢ is the use of the allintitle syntax on google search.

Google has lots of little tricks you can use to get more from their search results, in the post I’ll explain the use of allintitle.

When you come up with any idea, one of the first things you should do (even before domain research) is analyse the competition in the market. If the competition is strong, it may not be worth your time focussing on that niche. If the competition is weak, excellent, you’ve found a niche worth targeting and you can move onto your domain research.

One way to calculate how many sites are going to be up against you in the SERPs is to use the allintitle search function. This function will show you exactly how many websites in the good index have the words you’ve searched for in their title tags. The title tag on a page is a key factor in the on-site SEO, so its important to include your targeted keyword in the tag. Here are a few examples of different allintitle searches and as you can see the competition varies somewhat:

allintitle:car insurance – 11.8m webpages have the words car and insurance in their title tag

allintitle:gavin and stacey dvd – 7,040 webpages have the words gavin, and, stacey and dvd in their title tag

allintitle:233LGS – 567 webpages have the word 233LGS in their title tag

So, as you can see the competition is ridiculous for car insurance, its pretty strong for gavin and stacey dvd and its pretty weak for 233LGS. But, what is 233LGS I hear you ask? Its the model number for a £95 watch available at Goldsmiths and various other merchants and the domain name is available. With commission starting at 10% at Goldsmiths I think it’d be worth a shot!

So, the next time you’re researching your niche market, give allintitle a whirl and let me know how you get on!


I’m afraid I’ll have to contest your trademark application, LOL. “Affiliate Quick Tips” has been in intellectual usage on my own blog for quite some time ;)

Great tip there and keep them coming, very useful stuff and an easy way to get blogging more regularly!


i’ll have to get my thinking cap on for something equally as catchy… I actually just had my finger on the button for buying… lucky i didnt!


Mwa ha ha ha ha – its alright I don’t mind, you can use the concept on here. What else could you call them? They are tips, they are quick, and they are intended for affiliates!


choose from the following….

snippets of affiliate wisdom
affiliate info nubbins
stuff that you might not know but i know and i think you should know


The last one. Definitely the last one – it’s way catchy!

Excellent tip that Mark, Thanks

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