Always Say Thank You (Especially to a Dragon!)

Always Say Thank You (Especially to a Dragon!)

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be sponsored to attend Doug Richard’s School for Startups. It was a full day event held at RGU in Aberdeen, hosted by the ex-dragon himself. The day was aimed at businesses (or prospective businesses) in the web and software sectors.

Being an affiliate marketer and looking to invest some of my profits in both software and web based businesses I felt the day would be very beneficial, I was not disappointed.

The seminar was held in a lecture hall at the Aberdeen Business School. The very same lecture hall I fall asleep in week in week out on my University course! There were over 100 people attending and the morning started off very fast paced with Doug grilling random people about their business ideas.

Doug gave his insights into which questions you should ask yourself when starting out in business. Overall the day was very interesting and insightful. At the end of the seminar I felt compelled to go and speak to Doug. So I headed down to the front of the lecture hall…

Me : “Hi Doug, just wanted to say, thanks very much, today was excellent, learnt a lot and found it very interesting, I hope you can come back to Aberdeen sometime to give some of your other talks”
Doug : “Glad you liked it, I could be back, it all depends on life. Sorry if I am appearing rude, I’ve got to pack my stuff up pretty quickly cause I’ve got a train to catch!”
Me : “Do you need a lift into town?”
Doug : “That would be great, I’ve actually forgotten to book a taxi”

At this point, you can imagine how excited I am at the prospect of being able to pick a multi millionaire’s brain during a 15 minute drive! So, I ran up to my car and tidied it up a bit, its safe to say the outside has never looked muddier! Headed back down to the building and Doug was ready to go.

I asked if he had a Twitter account, turns out he does (@DouglasRichard), so I then asked if I could take a photo to twitpic, he obliged…

So, I nervously reversed out of my space (I felt I had a great deal of responsibility!) and off we go to Aberdeen Train Station.

We had a great chat in the 15-20 mins he was in the car (I drove particularly slow so we had extra chatting time!) and it turned out to be a very productive journey. I wont say anymore than that, but let’s just say I’m very glad I offered Doug a lift!

Moral of the story, ALWAYS say Thank You (if its deserved!) -  because it might just lead to a 15minute car journey with a very successful millionaire!

Big thanks goes to Informatic Ventures for sponsoring me to attend the course.


Steven Bradshaw

Wow, what a great story! Were you the only person who went and spoke to him after? So any joint ventures in the pipe line? haha.

Stephen Fry and now Doug Richard, who would have thought affiliate marketing would get you a glimpse of the celeb lifestyle ay.

Great blog, keep up the good work!


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your comment.

I was definitely the first person to go and speak to him, I made sure of that! If there were others after me (im not sure as I was tidying my car haha!) they can’t have had long as he was in a rush!

Glad you like the blog :)


Nice story. Lucky you had a car!

What business are you thinking of starting up or is that under wraps?

wow, thats awesome, i had a similar experience up in scotland as well! it turns out my girlfriends aunt was the ex senior VP of Forte. Meeting people like that are such insperations and have you noticed how their personalities are really similar? I’m very jealous you managed to collar a dragon for 15minutes, thats more than what you would get if you were on the show!


That sounds like a great adventure. Have you managed to keep in contact since? I meet Doug in Cambridge when he interviewed me as part of his day about marketing.


Hi Murray,

Yes Doug and I are still in contact. We’re working on a project together, its pretty exciting stuff! So I’m really glad I went to say thanks and offered him a lift!


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Hey that’s pretty cool! Hope you enjoy writing the report for him and can find some really exciting ways of ensuring you do business with him in the future!

Stephen Fry and now Doug Richard, who would have thought affiliate marketing would get you a glimpse of the celeb lifestyle ay.

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