Doug Richard’s Advice…. for FREE!

Doug Richard’s Advice…. for FREE!

Back in early June I was lucky enough to be able to attend Ex-Dragon InvestorDoug Richard’s School for Startups event at Robert Gordon University. The day was packed with useful and interesting info for business startups and I was lucky enough to get some one on one time with Doug at the end of the seminar.

School For Startups TV

Doug’s seminars are still going strong and are now going to be streamed live on the net. This is just a quick post to point out that his first streamed seminar will be free to watch, so don’t miss out. It will be taking place this Friday at 6pm and you can register here for free. Let me know what you thought of the stream after the event.


Argh! I missed it. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to watch a recording either. Miss out on that one!

Just saw this – Looks like its too late! Great fan of the Dragons and would have enjoyed this. Mark do you know if this is available to view anywhere?


Im sure it was mentioned during the seminar that it will be available on demand at some point after the event. So keep an eye on and if I hear anything I’ll let you know!

We can now watch it here:

Is this the one a Mark?


Thats the one Steven :-)


Thanks for posting this, I watched it nearly the whole way through and it seems as if a couple of them could really get far. Don’t think I saw the last ‘chat’ however my comments are as follows.

Ibiza Magazine – Don’t think it will work, good idea in principle but quite flawed! Didn’t like the guy either, really ‘up himself’!

Events Company – She seemed to lack a bit of confidence, again I think she will struggle unless the company she used to do some work for takes her back on again (doubtful).

Photography Holidays – Seems to be working well and the guy has his head screwed on, I reckon their business will grow.

Colour Changing Umbrella – Great product, think they will get far but wasn’t so sure about the woman – she seemed a bit dappy!

Cancer Charity – Sadly I don’t think they will do that well, charities are really struggling at the moment (the company I work for is working with one).

Overall a good show and I enjoyed it.


Thanks for the post, will check it out!


Can I email you about your Doug Richards experience? A similar thing happened to me with Doug! Drop me an email!

Wow! Going to watch them. Shame there’s no chance at the end of them to offer him a taxi ride though! Pretty cool experience to have though!

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