Finally, a blog!

Finally, a blog!

Hey Folks,

I’ve been wanting to get an affiliate marketing/personal blog up for a very long time now. I have only recently discovered (obviously I discovered it years ago, but only recently have I had a decent play with it!) WordPress, however now having had a good play with it I’m confident its an excellent tool and will serve me well.

I’m not the best web designer in the world, so please forgive the messy layout! I tinkered with this theme to get what you see now.

The idea is I’ve scattered a few objects around the design that may let you know a little more about me:

  • The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford – Absolutely cracking book, I can read it over and over without getting bored.
  • Falkirk FC Badge – I’ve been a Falkirk fan since birth. I grew up in a wee town called Linlithgow, so it was my closest team. (and my Gran’s been a season ticket holder for longer than most of you will have been alive, she’s MAD about footy)
  • Counting Crows’ album August and Everything After – Easily the best album ever made, I’d definitely take this to a desert island!
  • Google Adwords Professional Badge – I’m just happy I finally have somewhere I can display it.
  • £50 note – I love making and spending money. Who doesn’t though?
  • The Breakfast Club – best film ever.
  • Kilt – I’m Scottish and proud.

So, the plan for the blog is to post a few times a week, hopefully with some good information for newbies and also with some interesting posts for the rest of us. In a year’s time you can let me know how I got on.




Well I love Falkirk, Counting Crows and Scotland but I just didn’t enjoy “The Undercover Economist” think I ended up giving up half way through because I got bored! Seems we don’t live a double life after all ;-)

Nice blog BTW!


I thought it was both funny and informative, and it kept me wanting more!


Yeah I was surprised after all the good reviews I’ve read and it’s the type of book I thought I would love! Maybe I should just try it again :-)

p.s. Worth getting the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin installed if you get any spare time

Its funny the thinks that make you want to purchase something, just ordered the Counting Crows album, had it a good few years back but lost it somehow.

I look forward to reading your future posts.

dangit i know i should have put in a few affiliate links lol

cheers ill go grab that plugin now :)

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