How to come up with some great niche ideas

How to come up with some great niche ideas

A lot of affiliate marketers will tell you that to succeed you need to find a good niche. Others will tell you that you’d be better off going down the generic route. I’m a fan of both methods. I get a buzz out of creating small niche sites and leaving them to tick away making a bit of money each month and I also love making sites that I have to work a little harder at but reap better rewards.

For someone who’s just starting out in Affiliate Marketing I feel that going down the niche route to begin with is a good plan. So the first step is to find the products to promote, which isnt as easy as it may sound. So the purpose of this post is to point out some obvious ways to do some idea generation for niche sites.

Here are some questions worth asking yourself if you’re stuck for ideas;

What products are about to be released?
A good example of an answer to this question is the Rubik’s 360. I noticed a few weeks before it was due to be released that it was causing quite a stir and a bunch of people were already talking about the sort of sales figures it is likely to achieve (500,000 units by Xmas!), so I jumped on the bandwagon and created a PPC Campaign. I would have also created a small site around the product had I had the time.

What’s popular at the moment?
Popular products are easy to sell, well… because they are popular. However, the bad thing about popular products is the amount of competitors. If you’re smart and think outside the box you can still do very well.

What have you just purchased?
This is the way I find most of my niche ideas. Whenever I buy something I go straight to the Google Keyword Tool and punch in some keywords to see if its something many people are searching for.

What are your friends talking about?
If your friends are talking about a certain product, they’re obviously happy with it (or they could be upset with it!) and therefore it could be a product worth promoting.

What have you noticed in the Newspapers/Magazines?
This is an excellent method for finding products that are not yet released, which hopefully means there are still some cracking domains available for the product. Get you hands on some gadget magazines and read up on the best products.

What have you been looking for yourself?
The latest site that I’m working on is 5m HDMI Cable. Its currently under development but with a few hours work I’ll have it ready to start making some money. It won’t make so much money I’ll never need to work again, but it cost me just £5 to buy the domain and just a few hours work to get it going, so I’ll be happy if it makes even just £30 a month. I came across this site idea because I was in need of a long hdmi cable (that reminds me, I’ve also got Long HDMI Cable to develop!) and after a bit of research on the keyword tool I found that the exact phrase “5m HDMI Cable” was being searched for 1000 times per month and because the domain was available I decided to go for it. I’ll post again in a month or two to let you know how its going!

What do you love talking/writing about?
One of the most time consuming things in Affiliate Marketing is content writing. If you can find a niche that you love writing about then you’re onto a winner (assuming its based around a product that others will be searching for!).

So that’s just a few questions that might help you along your way. They are ridiculously obvious but hopefully they will help you find some good ideas.

Once you’ve got a list of ideas, check to see if they are being searched for using GKT. If they are, fantastic! If not, not to worry, just move on to another idea.

Good Luck on your quest for fantastic ideas! If you have any other ways of finding great ideas, Id be happy to hear them!


Mark, another useful tool is the Wonder Wheel introduced by Google in May.

It shows similar searches that people are making which could help you gather a few more keywords to PPC or to include in your content:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the link. Never actually came across the Wonder Wheel before so I’ll give it a bash :)


Good post, its nice to see people sharing ways for others to get ideas and get sites up and running.

Do you think the 5m site will rank well with not much content? I have a few sites that thin and some do ok rank wise and some not so well.

Also what kind of figures do you look for in the Google Keyword Tool?

If I get to number in Google for a search term I usually get about 5% of the exact searches clicking through to my sites. Do you know what figure you get?


Glad you liked the post :)

No, I dont think the 5m HDMI Cable site will rank well with not much content. The site you see just now is nowhere near complete. I’ve only got three posts on so far, I plan on having hundreds, which I will add gradually to the site.

Theres no definite figure that I look for on the GKT. It all depends on the product. I found a product yesterday that only gets 480 searches a month, but I managed to get the keyword domain and I can VERY easily rank number one for that term. Its a product with a high price tag and the commission is rather handsome, so I’m happy to target this product even though it doesnt get many searches. So its all depends on the product and my own instinct I guess!

I havent actually done too much research into what percentage I get, mainly due to the fact that GKT isnt 100% accurate. Ive ran PPC campaigns that have proven the GKT to be extremely wrong (usually the tool shows a lot less searches than there actually are), so I only use it as a guide.


Glad to hear you will adding hundereds of posts to the 5m site. I normally do about 10 then get bored and move onto the next site! Really must get some more discipline to see things through.

I’ve started a site that gets ‘not enough data’ in the GKT but it is for a high price item so I am giving it a shot. Will see if anyone bites. Also doing PPC on it too as am determined to learn and master (or at least make some money) PPC.

Cheers, Joe

small niches are not worth the effort for the amount of return u get. i personally go for harder niches that require more work and give better return.

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