How To Get Cheap Hotel Rooms In London

How To Get Cheap Hotel Rooms In London

So, I go down to London 2 or 3 times a month with my work, and its up to me to find somewhere suitable to stay. I’m conscious of the fact that me staying down in the big smoke for a handful of days a month costs the company a fair thwack, so I’ve been trying to keep my costs down. Mainly by staying in Travellodges. Not very nice travellodges.

I then had a conversation with Dan Martin, of over a pint. Dan pointed out that have something called “Top Secret Hotels”, which were basically generally very nice hotels at pretty dang low prices. So, next time I was planning a trip to London, I fired up the Last Minute site and searched for hotels in London, and then narrowed my search to “Top Secret Hotels Only” to bring up a list of about 20 mystery hotels. In case you havent worked out what a top secret hotel is, its basically when you book a hotel based solely on a title, description, star rating and a rough idea of the location. You do not know the name of the hotel, or even the chain which it belongs to (if any). This process may seem a little risky, as you could get a pretty crap hotel, but fear not, there is a site which reveals what the hotels are before you book!

Your Secret Hotel provides a list of hotels which are in the top secret list on LastMinute and “reveals” them for you, so that you can find out what you’re booking before you book. They also have a submit a hotel page, allowing you to inform them of the true identity of a top secret hotel if they do not already have it on their site.

So, to cut a long story short, I managed to get a very nice 4* hotel in Shepherds Bush for under £100 and the next time I’m going down to London, I have managed to bag 3 nights at a 5* hotel for just £294. Had I booked through the hotel’s website, I would have been charged just under £500! I should also point out at the time of me going down, a travellodge for 3 nights was coming in at over £300. Good deal huh?

So, if you are travelling to London (or anywhere actually, they seem to have most cities covered on LastMinute) and dont want to pay over the odds for your room, give and a look.





I’ve been put off using Last Minutes “Top Secret Hotels”, since I prefer to know exactly which hotel I’m going to – so I’ll definitely try ‘Your Secret Hotel’ in future.

thanks for leting us know…….

Thanks for the link to yoursecrethotel I have used the lastminute secret hotels facility before and ‘guessed’ some of the hotels by using some of the hotel description in google. (Some hotels use the same description on their own website or other websites that link to them!)

I thought travelodges were £19 a night of you booked in advance?

They are shit though!

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