I owe Stephen Fry a pint…

I owe Stephen Fry a pint…

So, I was browsing away on Twitter last night when I came across this tweet from @PhilHancox


So, I thought I’d take a look for myself. I headed over to @StephenFry‘s Twitter page (its worth pointing out that he has over 450,000 followers) and saw he had indeed tweeted a URL that was available to buy.

@StephenFry tweeted :
(what he meant to tweet was votematch.co.uk)

So I proceeded to buy votingmatch.co.uk from Heart Internet, at a total cost of £6.42.

I then frantically ran about my room trying to think of ways to monetise this (what I believed to be very shortlived) traffic.

The first thing I did, within about 2 minutes of buying the domain, was redirect all traffic to Amazon (obviously via my affiliate link). In my experience of Amazon, clicks tend to convert very well. In this case, I wasnt expecting much, it was just a filler until I thought of something better.

After about 30 minutes (I was in the process of watching X-Men and I kept getting distracted) I changed the link to point to Betfair. Im on a pretty dang good deal with Betfair, so figured it was worth a shot for another half hour.

I then received the following tweet

bfgI swiftly headed over to Adult Friend Finder and signed up for their affiliate program. I felt slightly bad for pointing all the unsuspecting traffic to what is pretty much a swingers site. At the same time though, I felt devilishly excited!

So, up until now, votingmatch.co.uk has been redirecting to Adult Friend Finder. I am on a pay per click model, the more people that sign up, the more I get paid.

If I’m honest, I didn’t think Id actually make anything from this whole thing, it was just a bit of fun. However I woke up today and found Id made a wee bit of commission:

  • Amazon – Sold 6 products, including one of these, so a commission total of roughly £17.00
  • Betfair – Although the site was only redirecting to Betfair for 30 mins, I managed to get a sign up, so another £30 commission!
  • Adult Friend Finder – Currently sitting on $9.72 (not much, but it all adds up), which converts to roughly £6.

So overall, I spent just over £6 on the domain and earned £53 (or thereabouts) and the commission at Adult Friend Finder is still ticking away nicely!

So overall, it was a worthwhile exercise. It also provided me with a lot of happiness as I saw a lot of Stephen Fry followers desperately attempting to alert him of his mistake. Stephen’s been online since, and has corrected his error by posting a new url, in the meantime I’m still getting a big bundle of traffic. (He could delete the link, maybe he wants me to make a few quid)


If anyone wants to purchase votingmatch.co.uk let me know, cos Im sure it wont be much use to me in a day or two!

If anyone knows Stephen Fry personally, tell him I owe him a pint!

Thanks for reading,

Mark (or @hairycornflakes or Twitter)


Nice one! I only made £50 in total last month.

Just shows opportunities can pop up any time – nice one!

Any reason why you went for redirect vs landing page? E.g. data collection, link to another site, give a few offers?

Hi Jason,

The main reason was I assumed that Stephen Fry would notice his mistake within a few minutes and change it!


So what kind of traffic levels are you getting now? Be interesting to see just how much traffic a “tweet” by a celeb can boost a site – and whether it’s kinda instant or has a long trickle of traffic.

Hi Jason,

2007 uniques for today.
Got about that in the two hours after he posted. Obviously the more new tweets he makes, the slower the traffic will get.


sounds like you actually owe PhilHancox a pint!

philhancox tweeted me to tell me exactly the same thing!

dont worry ill sort phil and bfg out with a few pints at a gathering somewhere down the line :)

just thinking – presumably it’s picked up backlinks elsewhere too? might be worth putting an actual quick landing page together on it if so!

Nice one, my intial thought was “doesn’t seem much” but actually if someone handed you £50 you wouldn’t turn it down. But also I admire your quick thinking – I would never have thought to do that! Well played.

And as mentioned above, you can leave a landing page up there for the rest of the year and maybe that £50 will become £100 or more…

good shout, ill attempt to get somethign up there.

any ideas on what the landing page should be about tho?

I like Dan Barker! :P
Congrats again fella, and if we can arrange a meet up with yourself, Andy and Sir Fry himself, I reckon it’d be Quite Interesting…

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