I’m Alive!!!

I’m Alive!!!

It’s been almost four months since my last blog post. I decided to let affiliate marketing take a back seat for a few months so that I could concentrate on the last few months on my degree. Having handed in my thesis on Friday, I now just have two exams and two courseworks left, so I’m going to gradually reintroduce some affiliate activity into my day to day schedule (hence this blog post). It’s been a really tough year, with what seemed like a coursework due weekly. It’s a great weight off my shoulders to finally get my thesis completed and handed in to a standard that I’m really happy with. For those of you interested in what I did my thesis on… I focussed on ascertaining which aspects of a university website instil trust, therefore maximising conversion rates. It amounted to around 6 months work, and just shy of 25,000 words. Fingers crossed I’ve got a decent grade (would be upset with anything less than an A), as it will decide whether I receive a first class degree or a 2:1.

Anyway, now that I’ve got a little more spare time (or at least 30 mins on this fine Sunday evening), I figured I’d write a blog post, to get this blog back on the road! Here’s a little summary of what I’ve been up to since my last blog post on Christmas Day 2009…

Affiliate Doctors
A couple of months back, Steve from Affiliate Doctors asked if I’d like to join the panel of experts who provide advice to newcomers to affiliate marketing on a regular basis. I was really flattered just to have been asked, so I jumped at the chance. Around six weeks ago, I was officially an Affiliate Doctor, with Steve welcoming me to the team. My first contribution to the site went live on the 18th of March, and there are a few more in the pipeline. It’s an excellent resource for newcomers and experienced affiliates alike, so I’m very happy to be a part of it.

Sold a few sites
Around the beginning of March, I decided I would sell a few of my smaller affiliate sites, mainly to allow me to focus more on my thesis, but also to get some cash together for when I graduate in July. I had never any sold sites before, so was also interested in seeing how the process works. I succesfully sold 10 sites in total, included my first ever affiliate site nrbet.com. I was particularly sad to part ways with nrbet, as it was the first site that I had made, and has always been my “baby” so to speak. However, I just don’t have the time to keep such a site updated, and decided to let it go to a good home, and I’ve very excited to see how it’ll transform over the coming months. The whole process was relatively painless, and I managed to sell any sites with revenue within around 48 hours of listing them on Acorn Domains. I’d also like to thank Khalid, who helped me out by emailing my sale details to his buyers list, resulting in a few sales. The sale of these sites did really help me focus on my thesis, so I’m glad I made the choice to sell up.

A few months back I was asked to become a moderator on the new A4U forums. I unfortunately haven’t had much time to do much moderating, but now that I’m a little quieter I’ll definitely be frequenting the forums more often, looking for bad guys! Again, I’m flattered to have been asked!

As I’ve still got quite a lot of uni work to go, I won’t be back into the full swing of affiliate marketing until the end of May. At which point, my plan is to work on a few projects I’ve had in the pipeline for a while, and also to get a few joint ventures on the go! In the meantime I’m going to be doing some research, rather than actually creating sites. I’m very interested in getting into domaining, so I’m going to have a look around and see if I can spot any decent opportunities.

You may or may not have noticed, I’ve given this blog a bit of a makeover, I hope you like it!


Good to hear the thesis is in, done and dusted (although I got that real time from twitter – lol). Fingers crossed that you get your First. Good luck!!!

Greg Findley

Looking forward to seeing more affiliate blog posts and your contributions on Affiliate Doctors, congrats on getting the thesis done & dusted! :) roll on the Summer!

Congrats on the thesis mate – must be a massive weight off the shoulders; just a few weeks before that 1st comes rolling in! Thanks for the kind words on AffDocs, it’s a pleasure having you on board and looking forward to some great insights :)

@Greg, the next round of posts start tomorrow ;)

Good work on the Thesis Mark! If it was anything like mine then it’s a massive weight lifted off of your shoulders. Take some time to relax when you graduate – even if it’s just a week or so away somewhere – you’ve certainly earned it after that lengthy thesis.

Looking forwards to more blog posts.


Jonathan Cannovan

Well done Mark – it must be good to get that out the way. Good luck on getting a grade A…..

Great to see you involved with Affiliate Doctors and as the other commentators have said, I look forward to reading your blog posts & doctorley advice :)

I’m liking to new blog design – another great mod you’ve come up with??

JC… I’ve been looking for a theme for my blog for ages, turns out this one was right under my nose (used it for http://www.aberdeencomedy.co.uk). It’s Affair from ThemeForest.

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