Knomo Leather iPad Case

Knomo Leather iPad Case

I’ve decided to create a new category on my blog aptly named “Stuff I Love”. Quite often I come across something I simply love and have to share with the world and generally I will post about it on Twitter or Facebook, but I’ve decided for the really good stuff, I’ll now post about them on my blog!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an iPad earlier this week (blog post coming very shortly explaining how I managed to get it for free!) and so naturally had to get my hands on a case to keep my new gadget safe (I’m a little bit clumsy!). I initially bought one of the official Apple cases…


It looks alright, but after spending 24 hours with it I realised it wasnt really what I was after. This appears to be created more for functionality, as in you can make the iPad stand horizontally or vertically, I guess for if you’re wanting to watch something on it without holding it. I decided I’d try and find something a little more stylish that did a better job at protecting the ipad, rather than simply making it easier to stand on its own. The Apple case doesnt really do much to convince me that it’d keep my iPad safe if I were to drop it.

So, after a bit of research, I came across a company in London called Knomo Bags. I fell in love with pretty much everything they have immediately! With a price tag of £54.99, their iPad Slim Sleeve was a little pricier than I was hoping to pay, but with it being made from real leather, and it looking damn swish, I decided to take a punt and ordered it in brown.

The case arrived this morning and I’m so impressed with it I have to share it with you lot. If you have an iPad you must get your hands on one of these. Knomo obviously give a lot of attention to detail. This case comes in a very nice brown leather finish and also has a velvet material on the inside, I guess to make sure your iPad feels loved at all times! With such a snug fit, you might think it’d be a little tricky to remove the iPad, but Knomo obviously had their common sense hat on while designing this product and included a pull tab that slides your iPad out an inch or so, allowing you to grab it with ease.




It is well worth £54.99 and I’ve now got my eyes on a Laptop Bag and potentially a suitcase aswell! Although their stuff is quite expensive, in this case (pun very much intended!), you get what you pay for.



I think from the blog post and the anchor text and the logo, I have a feeling Knomo may have something to do with how you got a free IPad ;)

Haha, good point frank….. Wasn’t them though!

I have one of the official ones and find it very annoying. Very difficult to get in and out of! Will take up your advice and order one!

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