Now That’s What I Call Customer Service!

Now That’s What I Call Customer Service!

This post isn’t really in keeping with the general topics of this blog, but I recently received some marvellous customer service, so feel I have to tell the world!

A few weeks back, I accidentally dropped my Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote Control from the side of my bed to the wooden floor below, and unfortunately the screen took the brunt of the fall and the LCD display was internally cracked. The remote was still working, with the touch screen working fine. The only issue was, I couldn’t see what I was pressing! So, the remote was rendered useless… insert sad face here.

People who know me well, know I’m not all that lucky when it comes to electronics. I’m lucky in that I have some cool gadgets, but unlucky in that they always seem to break (I’m not clumsy, its just down to luck, honest!). My contents insurance company soon found out how unlucky I am, and decided not to offer me a renewal, so I wasn’t able to simply claim the remote back on my insurance. However, this is where the magic happened. So, I phoned up Logitech Customer Support on 0800 032 64 33 (they’re dedicated Harmony Remote support number) to tell them of my issue, in an attempt to find out the cost of repair. I had struggled to find anyone online to repair the phone, so figured I’d go direct to Logitech. Turns out, they made the remotes to be unrepairable, as in they cannot be opened with ease. Logitech, then kindly asked me for a few details, and told me they’d send me a brand spanking new remote control for free (yes free!). All I had to do was send them a photo of my broken screen to prove it was bust, and they sent out a new one.

To me, this is phenomenal customer service. Logitech could easily have told me where to go, after all, it was me who dropped it! Instead, they were happy to provide me with a new remote, which they could have sold for in excess of £100 (sure it costs them a fraction of that to make, but still, I’m impressed!).


Brilliant result! That’s pretty impressive service!
Just don’t drop this one!


Just managed to do the same to my Harmony One, hence stumbling across this blog. Going to give them a call this evening – wouldn’t even have bothered to speak to them otherwise. Fingers crossed.

Pedro Alves

Same thing happened to me, but in Portugal. I didn’t even have to send them a photo, my word was enough. Super!


I guess I’m just unlucky.

Three months in and … crack! :-(

Contacted Logitech and …


Dear xxxxx,

Thank you for your recent inquiry about your Universal Remotes

We are sorry to hear about your damaged Harmony Remote. Logitech does not cover damages under warranty. Given this, we are unable to offer you a replacement unit.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to repair the remote.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Dale Robins

My Squeezebox boom was faulty, It was such a long drive to the store to take it back “200 miles” I decided to call them instead, they sent out a brand new unit.

I’ve never had customer service from any company as good as this!. I found this blog by searching for their customer service phone number.

Pedro Alves

@Dave, if you reached the customer service by email, I suggest trying by phone instead. In my case, I ended up talking to a support fellow, and he asked me several triaging questions following some standard-procedure query list he’s computer was asking him to fill out.

In my case, the remote didn’t fall and crack: it was working fine one night, and the next morning it was cracked. I was stumped. And that’s exactly what I told support. The devices obviously don’t have the LCD rugged enough, and that must be why in such cases logitech just ships people new devices.

Note, I didn’t actually tell them the LCD was “cracked”.
That’s diagnostics showing I know what an LCD is and that an LCD can crack in the first place. I told them the symptoms — there’s a colored blur in the screen, like if there’s was a butterfly painted on the LCD; the touch screen still works, but I can’t see what I’m pressing; etc. Let _them_ do their job of doing the triaging and diagnostics, instead of having yourself immediately excluded from support.

(My device did tumble over a few times and survived before, but not that time, the crack was probably latent)

(I don’t have the remote’s specs handy, but they might mention how high of a fall the device withstands. Now, if the remote fell from 20 meters high, warranty is off, obviously…)

Dale Rusk

Hi, Cant thank you enough for this. I contacted Logitech and they asked for a photo of my remote which I sent through, and after about 5 or 6 emails asking for different details I got sent a brand new remote and get to keep the old one for spares!
P.s my screen was cracked but I photshopped the pic and also told them the screen had just gone ‘monochromed’ so it was working but just not visable to see screen buttons. ;-)

Dale Rusk

Just to let people know I did this in Dec 2011, incase your now looking in 2020! lol

Ahmet G

Hi there;

I have a “half seen” lcd too :(
Night before it was ok; but in the morning…
I am intending to contact Logitech support, but i live in Turkey, so i am planning to contact via e-mail..
But Pedro said that contacting through phone works but e-mail won’t work. Am i right?

Simply i want to ask that “If i e-mail to them, what should i write to get a replacement?” Maybe it depends on the people’s mood who reads the e-mail or hangs up the phone …


Ahmet G



2012 OF COURSE :)

Dale Rusk

Hi Ahmet, I think it is totaly down to chance on who you vget in contact with to wether they will take it further or brush you off. I was a bit lucky that I got passed to about three or four different people that when the fifth asked me to repeat the details I said I thought I was getting fobbed off and passed from pillar to post and they backed down and issued me a remote.
best thing is be polite and courteous but dont give them info you cant back up with a photo and stick to your story.
good luck

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