A Christmas Prezzy From Me To You! (Free Adwords £50 Spend)

A Christmas Prezzy From Me To You! (Free Adwords £50 Spend)

Merry Christmas All!

Just a quick post as its christmas day and I’m feeling rather full after demolishing an excellent xmas dinner prepared by my Dad (his first time…usually Mummy Boyd adopts the chef role, was dang good though).

I’ve got a bunch of Google Adwords Promo Codes that credit your account with a £50 free spend. These codes will only work on accounts that are 14days old or less, so generally for newbies to either affiliate marketing or PPC in general. Adwords is what I would class as advanced affiliate marketing (once you master it there’s serious dosh to be made!). Many are scared to give it a try after hearing the many horror stories floating around. I first tried it around a year ago and I’ve not looked back. Not only can it allow you to make money on a site instantly, its actually incredidbly good fun and really rewarding when it pays off.

Theres only one way to learn and thats to give it a shot. What better way to do that than with Google’s moolah!?

Here are the codes, they expire 31-12-2009 so use them up quickly, feel free to pass them onto anyone who can make good use of them. Sell them on ebay and ill hunt you down and probably give you a stern talking to, so watch out!


You can only use one per account so dont try and add them all! If you are a newbie and feel like giving it a try but dont know where to start feel free to add me on msn and I’ll give you a few pointers! If you use a code can you comment to let me know so I can score it off so others dont waste their time entering it :)

Merry Xmas,



Hi Mark

Do these vouchers need to be used up by the 31st? Or just added to a new account by 31st?


Hey Dan,

You just have to enter the code before midnight on hogmanay… after that they will be void. You dont have to use the £50 before then, just use that at your leisure :)


Already got an adwords account. Hoping Google don’t mind if I try things out with a new account :)

Grr, that’s annoying. They’ve all been redeemed mate!! I think that someone has picked them all off. Tried all of them.

“This promotional code has already been redeemed.”

Got any left you haven’t released publically?


Stuart Smale

Just to confirm, i also just tried each code and they have all been redeemed. Didn’t read the updated comments before trying, d’oh!

Probably just as well, otherwise i would have been hounding you for advice.

Thanks anyway


They went fast! Hope the people who got them make plenty of commission from their £50 spend!

I’ll be getting more in the new year I’m sure!


Thanks for the extra code Mark, it worked a treat.

Merry Christmas! :)


Hi Mark,
I’ve added your feed to my affiliate feed aggregator, hope this is ok. If not let me know m8

Hi James,

Cracking site, cheers for adding me :-)



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