Buy me an iPad and get 10 years exclusive advertising on

The proposition is simple. Buy me a 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G Apple iPad at £599.00 and I will provide your organisation with exclusive advertising on this blog for 10 years.

You will get two banner ad spaces for the next 10 years exclusively. At the moment these spaces are filled by banners pointing out the fact that I’m offering this deal! You will get one banner at the top of the sidebar across the whole site and another at the end of every post and every page.

As you can see, these ad spots have been placed specifically to give your brand maximum exposure throughout my blog. At £599.00, you will receive exclusive advertising at a cost of just £59.00 per year, £4,99 per month and around 16p per day! Cheap huh?

Not only are you getting yourself a ridiculously good deal, a transaction like this is bound to pick up a bit of interest, and therefore potentially some juicy links pointing to your website ;-)

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