Scotland Affiliate Meetup July 2010

Scotland Affiliate Meetup July 2010

Friday the 23rd of July saw a bunch of affiliate marketing types meetup in Edinburgh for dinner and a few drinks. Fraser Edwards was the event organiser and he did a cracking job rounding up the troops. Mainly in attendance were Scottish affiliates, however a few (Elaine, Dave and Dom) travelled up from Englandshire, and we all appreciated them making the effort (and the expense!) to come up to join us. Fiona Robertson (who is Head of Affiliates (oooer!) at BigMouth) and I were given the tough job of choosing the evening’s venues, mainly because Fraser was too scared to take on the responsibility. Fi decided that Voodoo Rooms would be a nice bar to meet for a few drinks and I decided Grand Cru would do for somewhere to get some grub and further drinks. Before the night, we let Fraser take the credit, incase anyone didnt like them! I think both venues went down well, so we’ve taken the credit back for ourselves… Go Us!

Voodoo Rooms turned out to be a nice place to grab a few pre-dinner drinks and for everyone to get to know each other (quite a few of us had met before, however there were a few new faces) and Grand Cru provided top notch nachos (only reason I wanted to go! we used to go after work in my Bright Grey days), some questionable service, but generally a nice place to neck some ciders and have a chat!

In attendance were Fraser Edwards, Elaine and Dave Forth, Clarke Duncan, Jonathan Cannovan, Geoff IdleBull (not his actual second name, but its works!), Khalid Al-Khames (sometimes referred to as Ethan), Dom Hodgson, Fiona Robertson, Chris Cathcart, Tommy (Mr. and myself! It was a great night (which I named #ScotAff10 on Twitter, which went down well with the group), and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with people with similar interests to my own. I’m keen to get something similar arranged for later on this year. So if you’d be interested in coming to ScotAff10.2 leave a comment and when we get round to organising it you’ll be the first to know! Maybe arrange #XmasScotAff10!

Here are a few pics from the night…

(Elaine, Dave, Fraser and Chris)


IMG_0631(Tommy and Fiona)

IMG_0632(Geoff, Dom and Clarke)

IMG_0633(Johnathan and Khalid)

IMG_0635(A few drinks later at Grand Cru!)

moi(and finally, Clarke took a photo of me tweeting all the pics!)

Thanks for everyone who made the effort to come along, I think you’ll agree it was a great night and we should definitely do it again sometime soon?


What a great summary – we defo need to arrange something else soon.

I think you should put up the other pic of you Mark!

I dont know what you’re talking about Fi :-p

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